How great your heart is, How huge the stage will be

Talent with passion、Talent with ability、Talent with value

In love, talent can be roughly from low to high into the following three categories:

Passion--These people want to do, also have some basic qualities, but need to cut and polish, enterprises should have input, I also wish to timber.

Ability--This kind of people can quickly integrate into the work, can immediately get started.

Value--This kind of people through their efforts can bring great wealth for the enterprise.


Talent definition depends on size of for the community to create value, every Attenborough should also can become the talent, for the society create greater value. Talent is a dynamic concept, now the market competition is intense, today is the talent, tomorrow or not talent, Attenborough should constantly go beyond the self, and constantly improve their own quality. How to constantly improve their own quality, always doing the talent? Must have their own ideals, their own goals! If there is no firm in goal, improve their own quality, the challenges in the process of hesitation, will shake. Attenborough everyone has his dream, and the dream must Attenborough and create world famous big goals together。


Regardless of is after carving, available "talent", or immediately will be able to get started, the "talent" is not our ultimate goal, we are seeking is to for the enterprise to create wealth and value of "wealth". Only the "wealth" is the top talent! To create wealth and create value for the enterprise! Our enterprises to thrive, to fully discover, uses "wealth"。


Relying on edenbo talent selection standard"Not only academic abilities, not only performance qualification"。Those who have professional skills, true skill and genuine knowledge talents are welcome edenbo people. In Attenborough internal personnel selection, followed by the selection of personnel is in horse racing Recognition good horse, in the working process of selecting talents, therefore, as long as in Attenborough work hard, play director, performance is excellent, you in Attenborough must have room to grow.

In love, you will get"A stage without ceiling"。


In the process of enterprise development, the company has always attached great importance to staff development, invest a lot of resources to improve the ability of employees. In the closed period of 3 days of training new employees probation period, including the establishment of a "enterprise", "the enterprise culture", "Regulations", nearly 10 courses. In the process of team activities with strong interaction link. This edenbo cultural tour for new employees affected, there is a new employee training after sigh"A brief training ended in laughter, but in my heart with no group. As a love, I feel very proud. But also know that doing a good love person is not easy, but I will grasp the nettle。"


In order to better attract, retain and motivate talented people, every year the company were market salary survey, with a clear understanding of the industry level, and considering the actual situation of the enterprises, to develop both the external competitiveness and the characteristics of enterprise salary incentive system.

The company will according to the local regulations of the social insurance for the employees, make long-term consideration for the employees of the future。

Basic insurance benefits: housing provident fund, medical insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance;
Supplementary insurance benefits: corporate bonuses, paid vacation, entry examination, birthday care, free lunch and shuttle bus etc.。

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