Remote Monitor Specialist


Job responsibilities

1. Input and recognize the information of matching identification elevator in time.

2. Tracking each alarm information, and provide failure analysis report daily.

3. Cancel the recognition need to track and recognize in time, according to the department process to deal with matching identification.

4. Collect the updated disposal mainboard, frequency converter, main control board, etc., and update system data.

5. List remote phone card specification monthly (call specification, logout card).

6. Cooperate with engineering field work positively.

7. Maintenance replace, departure, phone number change, etc., make an accuracy report list to company.

8. Complete the various tasks assigned by the superior leadership temporary.

Job specification

(1) Technical secondary school or above, good communication skills.

(2) Basic computer operation skills.

(3) Adapt to shift, live near company is preferred.

Training: Internal control maintenance group manager
Number: 1
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General Administrative Manager / Director/ Assistant


Job responsibilities

1. Assist the purchasing manager to manage material, account fixed assets and office furniture, update parameter.

2. Assist the purchasing manager to do material purchasing price inquiry, market research, sporadic emergency procurement.

3. Responsible for general maintenance and cleaning warehouse management, completes monthly record of the warehouse loading and unloading.

4. Responsible for the company's staff accommodation subsidies accounting and paying, staff dormitory lease management, to ensure dormitory specification orderly.

5. Supervise the maintenance group to fulfill the meter recording table, summary and analysis the company’s cost of water, electricity, coal, gas, and financial reimbursement.

6. Assist the maintenance team to inspect company housing, public facilities, equipment and office furniture regularly and make record, cooperate maintenance work in time.

7. Responsible for the general services hotline answer and guarantee business processing, timely response to all kinds of calls, letters, deal with job scheduling process, make record and follow up the progress in time results, and get feedback.

Job specification

(1) College diploma or above, major in management related

(2) More than 1 year working experience in administrative logistic

(3)For work requirements, male with driver license is preferred

Training: Administrative general director/manager
Number: 1
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Legal Affair Department Intern


Job responsibilities

1. Assist minister deal with all kinds of legal affairs, collecting, sorting and archiving files.

2. Assist minister make the management process of lawsuit and accusing affairs, disposal process of bad debts and house estates.

3. Design the time sheets and other interior work.

4. Other tasks assigned by the superior leadership.

Job specification

(1) College diploma or above, major in law related.

(2) Good communication skills and compressive capacity.

(3) Strong sense of teamwork, clearly logical thinking mode.

Training: Legal Specialist
Number: 1
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