Flotation separation Machine

Flotation separation Machine, Flotation separation Equipment is a common flotation machine for separate mineral resources in mining industry.

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Model: Flotation separation Machine

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Flotation separation Machine

Flotation equipment is a common flotation machine for separate mineral resources in mining industry. There are many means of accomplishing liquid-solid separation, inclurock gravity separation, air flotation, and chemically assisted separation. Dissolved air flotation and induced air flotation are two separation methods used to separate liquid from solids.

We specialize in all types of separations technologies, inclurock clarifiers, air flotation, inclined plate and Lamella-type separators, oil-water separators, Hydro cyclone separation systems, and more.

Details Of Flotation separation Machine

Flotation separation Machine



Flotation Separation Equipment Advantages

1. Increase concentrates grade of by 4-6%; increase cycling rate by 8%; increase production by 12%; 2. Heavy-duty construction 3. Low maintenance 4. Efficient operation 5. Replaceable wear components 6. Single or double overflow

Flotation Separation Machine Working Principle

1. After intensively mixed, the pulp and medicaments are fed to the groove bottom of the first tank.
2. When the impeller of the flotation machine begins to rotate, negative pressure is formed, making the air and pulps at the bottom and middle part of the tank enter the mixing zone. The pulp, air and medicaments are then mixed in the mixing zone.
3. As a result of the centrifugal force, the blended pulps are lead to the mineralization area. The air is in full contact with the coal particle and forms mineralized bubbles which are then equally distributed to groove wall and removed upward to the separation region. These bubbles then gather as a foam layer and are discharged by the scraping tool. Finally, clean coal foam is produced by this flotation machine.
4. Coal particles that are not mineralized will be remixed re-mineralized and re-separate through the recycle hole and the upper intake.
5. The left pulp that are not sucked by the impeller enters into the third tank after going through the process of first tank Thus, flotation machine runs in cycle and discharges ore pulp through the tailing box of the floatation machine.

Flotation Separation Machine Application

Flotation separation machine is widely used for roughing, concentrating and reverse flotation of nonferrous metals that include copper, lead, zinc, nickel and molybdenum, ferrous metal and nonmetallic minerals. 1. Mineral separation; 2. Industrial minerals; 3. Soil remediation; 4. Environmental;

Flotation Machine Project

Flotation Machine Case Study: Glatfelter is a Wisconsin company which prides itself on its commitment to safeguarrock the environment. It spends millions every year to reduce the effects of the papermaking facility on its surrounrock s and tries to minimize its use of fresh water by reusing process wastewaters whenever possible.

In a plant which processes more than 4.0 million gal/limestone of wastewater through its primary clarifier, Glatfelter was beginning to experience problems with its biological treatment system, resulting in substandard wastewater effluent. Also, frequent disturbances in the system were causing production to be halted, resulting in lost revenue.

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