Drying Machine

Drying Machine is used for roasting process in the mine ore beneficiation, cement Grinding plant and sand making line.

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Drying Machine

Drying Machine mainly consists of revolving part, raising stuff plate, driving device, supporting device and seal ring. It is of strong overload capacity resistance, large process load, low fuel consumption, and low cost.

The granularity and the moisture and be controlled by the customer’s demand. When drying the coal slurry, the product moisture can be less than 8% and the granularity and be less than 8mm.

Details Of Drying Machine

Drying Machine



Drying Machine Application

Drying Machine is widely used in builrock materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and cement industry, which is widely used to dry the stuff such as limestone, coal powder, slag and clay.

Drying machinery has a strong adaptability of materials and it can dry various materials. The operation is very simple and liable. For this reason, it is used widely.

Drying Machine Features

1. Reasonable design 2. High-efficiency 3. Low consumption, energy saving 4. Easy to maintain 5. Easy to operate

Drying Machine operating principle

After the wet material is added into the dryer, the material displays and disperses uniformly in the dryer by the stir of shoveling plate uniformly distributed in barrel. Then contact with the hot countercurrent air fully and speed up the heat transmission, and mass transfer. In the process of drying, the material can move to the other star-shape discharge valve end of dryer and eject the finished product by the function of tilt shoveling plate and hot air current.

The heat source of dryer is from combustion devices. This dryer adopts direct flow heating method. So the material should be sent to the shell by the feed chamber and feed chute. After that the material will be pushed backward by the spiral shoveling plate. As the dryer is located with a tilt, the material flows to the end by the gravity and circumduction meanwhile it is shoveled repeatedly by the shoveling plate to the upper end then comes down constantly, forming an even curtain in the drum and exchanging heat fully with the hot current in the drum. With the material being raised and scattered again and again, the moisture is dried gradually. Finally it is dried totally.

Drying Machine Solution

Drying Machine can be used in iron ore beneficiation, gold ore beneficiation, ect. In the iron ore beneficiation plant, drying machine is used to dry crushed gold ore particles before roasting process.

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