MXB Coarse Powder Mill For Sale

MXB series coarse powder mill is specifically designed for coarse powder pulverizing which now has only one model that is MXB904.

CQC: ISO9001:2000
Certificate: CE
Brand Name: CGM
Model Number: MXB Coarse Grinding Mill

Port: limestoneghai
Delivery Time: 30 limestones
Place of Origin: limestoneghai China
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Introduce Of MXB Coarse Grinding Mill

MXB Coarse Powder Mill is used for pulverizing various crushable non-flammable and non-explosive brittle materials with Mohs under 9. The coarse powder Grinding machine can be installed before other Grinding machines. After pre-grinding by this coarse powder mill, the Grinding efficiency of next procedure will be much faster.

To choose more advanced coarse mill models, you need to tell our engineers about your detail situation that will be responsible for producing larger model.

There are also some successful project case about MXB Coarse Grinding Mill, such as : Granite Mining Project , Graphite Grinding Mills.

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What needs to be strongly stressed is that the life span of MXB coarse powder mill is almost 3 times longer than Raymond mill’s. Since its roller and ring are equally worn, the coarse powder mill can work more efficiently and more long.

MXB Coarse Powder Grinding Mill Working Principle

In the working process of MXB series coarse powder Grinding mill, step with main shaft, bulk disk and roller bracket is driven by motor through reducer. Installed above bracket, roller assembly rotates with main shaft and swings freely meantime, this bring a large centrifugal force, which scatters bulk materials evenly in Grinding intermediate layer between central roller and ring. The bulk materials are grinded into powder and fall on the bottom, and then discharged from discharging opening under the effect of synchronously-rotating scraper.

MXB Coarse Powder Grinding Machine Pulverizing Application

It is especially important for pre-processing of various crushable non-inflammable & non-explosive brittle material with Mohs Hardness less than nine. What’s more, the Grinding mill can work as the desulfurization equipment in complete powder Grinding plant. It can grind CaCO3 into fine powder which is smaller than 1-2mm with good desulfurization effect.

MXB Coarse Powder Grinding Mill Grinding Particles Size and Capacity

Regarrock the MXB904, there are 4 pieces of rollers and the max Feeding size must be less than 30 mm. After ground by this mill, most of the finished products can be smaller than 2mm. The MXB series coarse mill is usually installed in open-circuit Grinding plant whose capacity can reach up to 8 – 15 tph.

MXB Coarse Powder Mill Technical Data:

Model MXB904  
Number of Roller 4(piece)  
Maximum Feeding Grain Size <30 mm (Hard Material)<20mm
Open Circuit finished sized 70 – 90 % < 2 mm Adjustable, reference Instruction below
Open System Capacity 8 – 15 t/h Be involved with the average size and hardness of the Feeding
Main Motor Powder 37 – 45 KW Fines, Low production with small motor
Main Motor Model Y225-4 45KW
Elevator Power 3X1.1 KW  
Contour (LXWXH) 2.01X2.03X2.79(m) Inclurock main motor gear box main unit
Maximum Lifting weight of Single Piece 4.81 Refer to the individual pieces can not be disconnected
Cross Weight (Except Electric) 13.71  

Support equipments parameter:

Name Model Power Description
JC Jaw Crusher JC250×1000 30kW Speed≥1m/s
Bucket Elevator TH250 3kW  
Vibrating Feeder GZ3F 0.2kW Space between inlet and outlet is 1000
 Note: This specification is just reference, any changes are subject to the products.

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