Brief Introduction of Marble Application

Marble Mainly used for processing into various forms of materials, sheet metal, for builrock walls, floors, units, column, also commonly used in monuments projects such as the monument, tower, statues. Marble can also be made of carved arts and crafts, stationery, lamps, utensils and other practical artworks. Of soft texture, Beautiful and solemn, with elegant style, marble is an ideal material for luxurious builrock decoration and is the traditional art of carving material.

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Marble crushing screening Marble crushing screening Marble crushing screening
Marble Grinding Plants



Marble Grinding and Classification Process Procedures

In terms of dressing, using a Grinding or two can put the economy Grinding to a mineral Marble to any size needed. Two or more Grinding, usually elected by the other requirements of the decision stage.

Period and compared to two processes, a Grinding process of the main advantages are: less equipment, low investment, simple operation, do not stop because of a Grinding segment to another segment of the work of Grinding, less downtime losses. But the mill to the Marble particle size range, a reasonable ball hard, not easy to get the final product of smaller, low Grinding efficiency.

When asked the maximum particle size of the final product of 0.2 ~ 0.15mm (or 60% to 79% -200 mesh), generally used a Grinding process. Small factories, in order to simplify the process and device configuration, when the Grinding fineness required 80% -200 mesh, we also used a Grinding process. Two outstanrock advantages of Grinding can be smaller products, in different sections coarse Grinding and fine Grinding, especially for stage process.

In large and medium-sized factories, as required Grinding fineness is less than 0.15mm (ie 80% -200 mesh), using two Grinding more economical, and uniform particle size composition, was less than smashing. Under the first paragraph of the mill is connected with the classification of different ways, the two Grinding process can be divided into three types: the first open; second paragraph of the entire house; first local house, and the second is always closed circuit Grinding work process.

Marble Grinding Process

Since the Grinding process is classified to dry and wet. Concentrator to use more wet. Since the mill in order to solve the difficult problem of wear particles to improve Grinding efficiency, adrock a small amount from the ball mill, then known as the semi from the mill.

Since the constant Grinding and crushing, milling, Grinding Marble crushing equipment, joint work, based on their association composed of a variety of ways to process.

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