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Gypsum Crushing Gypsum Grinding

Brief Introduction of Gypsum to be Crushed

In cement plant, gypsum takes account for only 3~6 percent of raw materials. But gypsum crushing equipment is not easy to choose. Gypsum material is usually in lumps, and is slimy in rain weather. It is usually difficult to uniform the Feeding size and the processing capacity.

During gypsum crushing process, using Desulfurization Gypsum instead of natural gypsum can greatly reduce the cost of production. Through a series of tests, CGM confirms a mixture ratio of 30% between desulfurization gypsum and natural gypsum (20% of moisture) can reach an ideal effect.

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Gypsum Crushing Grinding Gypsum Crushing Grinding Gypsum Crushing Grinding
Gypsum Crushing Grinding



Gypsum Crushing Details

Gypsum crusher and crushing process for cement plant

CGM gypsum crusher refers to PCG2022 single segment hammer crusher, with a production capacity for 550t/h and up to above 800t/h. Its running rate is only around 40%, which remains enough time for crushing gypsum. limestone prehomogenization stacking was 46.5 m * 270m rectangular closed-end. In the gypsum crushing process, workers use limestone piling machine to pile the gypsum ores, then use forklift truck to transport the crushed gypsum to idle area.

Every crushing process can satisfy 4 cement Grinding mill for 5 limestones.

When Feeding the gypsum materials in lumps into gypsums crusher, add some desulfurization gypsum into it. The desulfurization gypsum and natural gypsum will be homogenized after being processed by feeder, Feeding rotor, and gypsum crusher, avoirock the segregation phenomenon during the process and therefore increasing desulfurization gypsum content.

Gypsum crusher's advantages

1) Gypsum crusher's production capacity is 25 ~ 40 times higher than traditional crusher, solving the problem of low yield in high rates, and no maintenance time.
2) Capable to complete gypsum of large size. Maximum Feeding size for crushing is 1000mm x 1200mm.
3) Final product is small, only of 2 ~ 15mm in size, avoirock the problem of blocking even influencing mill production.
4) Mixture of the raw materials is of good uniformity. Desulfurization gypsum content is greatly increased which can achieve 60%, reducing the original burning material costs.
5) Power consumption is decreased by 1 ~ 2kWh/t, that is you can save 10 million RMB of electricity every year.

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