Brief Introduction of Cobble Crushing Plant

During cobble crushing process, the biggest problem is grave parts wear as a result of its high silicon content. Therefore, for the cobble processing plants, a cautious research should be conducted before cobble crushing process. As a manufactured of high responsibility sense, we prefer to recommend you laminating crushing equipments and multiple crushing process. The combined multiple laminating crushing equipments (principally jaw crusher and cone crusher) can reduce parts wear as far as possible, reduce returning charge after screening as well as improve production capacity of cobble crushing plant.

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Cobble Stone Mining Plant



Cobble Crushing Details

Jaw crusher + jaw crusher - low cost of investment

If your do not require too much about cobble product shape, the two crushing phrases process with two jaw crushers is highly recommended. It is featured with less investment cost, and simple maintenance and lowest cost of production all cobble crushing solutions. This cobble crushing solution is favored by our customers. However, the shape of final cobble product is not as good as that of three crushing process, and the needle flake content is relatively higher.

Jaw crusher +fine jaw crusher /cone crusher +impact crusher – low cost of production and cubic cobble grain

In order to produce well shaped cobble grain with low cost of production, you will need our laminating crushers (jaw crusher and fine jaw crusher or cone crusher) with impact crusher. For this cobble crushing plant, main cobble crushing machines are primary crusher and secondary crusher who assure the cobble crushing, and impact crusher is mainly used for cobble product shaping, greatly reducing the coarse products which should be returned to crushing machines after screening. If the returning charge content is too high, it will cause more repeating crushing process and therefore increase the cost of wear parts.

For cobble crushing plant, crushing process with jaw crusher and impact crusher is not recommended. Because the impact is easy to be worn by hard cobble materials, therefore increasing cost of production.

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