Artificial sand raw material selection & production requirements

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Sand Raw Materials Introduction

During the recent years, the growing demand for sand for basic construction is raising environmental concerns. Many countries pay more attention to environmental protection, and natural river sand is now forbidden to be used. As water conservancy construction, concrete consumption use great quantities of sand, the artificial sand use has become an inevitable trend.

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Sand Raw Materials Details

Artificial sand raw material selection

To produce artificial sand, it’s necessary to choose igneous rock, sedimentary rock, and metamorphic rock whose compressive strength meets the sand processing requirements. Water conservancy project is usually located the wild, artificial sand processing plant should consider above all use local materials to managing material cost. If your sand plant can combine the abandoned excavation slag, that will save a lot of raw material cost.

The mother rock used for manufactured sand production should has compressive strength required by Rule GB/T14685-2001 《Pebble and gravel for construction》. That is the saturation compressive strength of igneous should not be less than 80MPa, that of metamorphic should not be less than 60MPa, and that of sedimentary rock should not be less than 30MPa.

Artificial sand technical production requirements

For water conservancy construction, basic technical requirements for artificial sand are:
1. Artificial sand should be solid, pure, of good granular composition, and the fineness modulus appropriate in 2.4 to 2.8;
2. The moisture content of saturated face should not be more than 6%;
3. Artificial sand should not contain grassroots, branches, plastic, coal, slag and other impurities. Its organic matter content should satisfy the requirement—Sulphur content should be less than 0.5% (weight ratio);
4. Sturdiness and active alkali-aggregate inspection indexes meet the requirements;
5. Apparent density is more than 2500kg/m3, loose packing density more than 1350kg/m3, pore ratio less than 47%.
6. DL/T5144-2001< Hydraulic concrete construction standard> requires that artificial sand should not contain clay pieces.

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