Iron ore Mining Introduction

Iron is kind of metal which is found earliest, used widely and also consumed most. The iron consumed takes up approximately 95% of the total metal consumption. There are a wide variety of iron minerals. About 300 species of iron ore minerals are found in which there are 170 common species. However, under the current technology, that is of industrial value are mainly magnetite, hematite, magnetic hematite, ilmenite, limonite and siderite and so on. Iron ore refers to those rocks or minerals which contain the minimum content of Fe. Iron ore is mainly used in the iron and steel industry.

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In iron ore mining process, you will need iron ore crushers and mills for large block breaking and pulverizing. limestoneghai Shibang Machinery CO.,Ltd has been engaged in researching and manufacturing iron ore crushing equipment and Grinding machine for almost 30 years. Our products are widely used for crushing magnetite, hematite, magnetic hematite, ilmenite, limonite and siderite and so on.

In industry, there are some rigid requirements to iron ore granularity. For example, before sent into the furnace block in steelmaking, iron ore must be between 50 mm and 250 mm if open-hearth furnace used; between 50 mm and 100 mm if electric stove used; and between 10 mm and 50 mm if converter used. To crush iron ore into required granularity, you should choose our iron ore crushers and mills. Also, you can order a complete iron ore crushing screening plant here. Our engineers will be always availabale for your service and there will be professional engineers responsible for the plant installation and maintenance.

In the world, iron ore resources are widely distributed. The former Soviet Union is the world's most iron-rich countries. Followed by Brazil,and Canada ranking No. 3. In addition, Australia, the United States, France, Sweden, South Africa, also has rich iron ore resources. For almost 30 years, CGM Machineries have been widely used around the world. There are excellent customers in Australia, South Africa, America, England, Nigeria, Egypt, Canada and India, etc.

Iron ore mining methods are divided into open-pit mining and underground mining which includes level cave, inclined shaft and vertical shaft. Wheather to adopt open-pit mining depends on the depth of vein. With the continuous renewal of technical equipment in open-pit mining, the old mining craft of open-pit mining is developping to the new process. Currently, underground mining is mainly no-pillar mining method which takes up about 72%, followed by shallow hole Shrinkage method which is 9%.

What you should pay attention to in iron ore mining:

First, pay attention to the impurities. If you are mining magnetite, it's important to make magnetic separation and flotation which can remove the impurities and enhance the content of Fe. If it is hematite, you should pay attention to the content of silicon, sulphur and phosphorus.

Also you should carefully choose the iron ore crushing equipment. For large scale crushing, you can choose primary gyratory crusher plus secondary and tertiary cone crushers. For medium or small scale mining, you can directly choose jaw crusher plus secondary and tertiary cone crushers.

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