Clinker Grinding Introduction

Clinker Grinding refers the process that material is grinded into fine powder under external force, impact, extrusion, and Grinding effect.

On the one hand, clinker Grinding is the last step during the cement production process. So the cement Grinding system control is directly related to the cement product quality, yield, and cost. On the other hand, cement Grinding is the step consuming the most energy. So choosing high quality clinker Grinding mill is very important to increase company's economic benefits.

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Clinker Grinding process

1. Open type clinker Grinding process

Materials delivered through clinker mill are the products. The simple process requires fewer equipments, less investment, but could easily cause heavily milled powder

2. Closed type clinker Grinding process

The grinded materials are selected by classifier system. The coarse one returns to Grinding mill again, in order to reduce heavily milled powder. The closed type clinker Grinding process can increase yield, reduce power consumption, and product fineness is easy to control. But the system requires large investment, and complicated operation and maintenance.

Factors which influence the cement output

1. Hardness of raw materials
Gypsum can increase Grinding possibility of whole system, improving the output every machine. limestone is easy to be grinded, which can greatly improve the production of machine.
Slag itself is difficult to be grinded, but if you add a certain volume of slag, you can improve the output.
Fly ash itself is not easy to be grinded. However, since itself is fine powder, it can greatly make the raw mixture easy to be grinded.

2. Granularity of raw materials
Raw mixture of fine particular size does not require large steel ball. The smaller the particular size is, the easier the raw mixture is for ball mill.

3. Quality of cement mill
Large scale cement ball mill can improve Grinding efficiency, save power, and increase economic benefit.

4. Production control system
Input raw materials uniformity
Input raw materials temperature
Grinding material moisture
Effect of raw mixture
Grinding AIDS agent influence

5. Type of cement Grinding process
There are two kinds of cement production process: open cement Grinding process and closed type of cement Grinding production. Usually, more cement plants adopt closed Grinding process because it has higher output than open Grinding process.

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