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Cement Grinding Introduction

Introduction of raw mill and cement mill using in cement production process. CGM ball mills and vertical mills are the best choice for your cement plant.

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Cement Grinding Details

1. Raw mill for cement production process

Why raw material Grinding?
To make the different ingredients into products of a certain granularity, in order to get required size for clinker calcinations.

Smaller size particular has larger surface area to be completely contacted with each other, bringing fast chemical reaction, which is good to make clinkers of high quality.

When the degree of grinded raw material is too high, it has no obvious positive impact for calcinations, but costs too much electricity. So you have to control the grinded particular finesse in a reasonable range.

The best suitable finesse and granularity: 1.0-1.5% of grinded particular under 0.2mm, 8-12% under 0.08mm

CGM raw mill development—from ball mill to vertical mill

The ball mill is given priority to high-performance vertical mill, roller machine and so on. Many kinds of mills can be mixed to acquire high yield self-overtaking.

New vertical mill and new technology applications make Grinding process more various and more perfect. Grinding and drying integration is realized. You can even use kiln waste gas as drying heat source

Operating control process has got has high level automation with material analysis, inspection automatic control, ingredients measurement, and operating system control.

2. Cement mill

Cement Grinding is last process of cement production, also the most power consumption process. Its main function lies in Grinding cement clinker (and gelling agent, performance adjusting Grinding materials) into suitable particle (by fineness and specific surface area, etc), to form certain particle gradation, increasing its hydration area, accelerating the hydration speed, satisfying the slurry condensation and hardening requirements.

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