Manganese ore dressing processing technology, manganese ores processing equipment

Manganese ores introduction

There are many kinds of advanced technique and technology for manganese ores at present, which are becoming mature gradually and have got quite good effect and income in practical application. In manganese ore stone beneficiation process and equipment design, we have done a lot of investigation, analysis and research and mastered the very rich technology and experience. In the equipment manufacturing, CGM Machinery have has provided thousands of complete sets of equipments with high quality for customers both at home and abroad in many years. CGM Machinery has gained consistent praise of customers by strength.

Manganese ore dressing processing technology

Manganese ore, mostly belonging to lean ore, must go through the dressing process. Most of the manganese ore stones are embedded in fine grains or subtle grain form and there are a number of high phosphate rock, high iron ore and symbiotic beneficial metal. For these two reasons, dressing process has great difficulty. At present, the commonly used manganese ore dressing methods consist of mechanical selection(inclurock ore washing, screening, gravity separation, strong magnetic separation and flotation), pyrogenicprocess enrichment and chemical processing method, etc.

Ore washing and sieving

Ore washing is the method that utilizes hydraulic flushing or additional mechanical scrubbing to separate the ores from mud. The common equipments are ore washing screen, cylinder ore washing machine and slotted ore washing machine. Manganese ore crushing washing often goes with sieving. For example, using water wash the ores directly on the vibrating screen, or senrock the clean ores that come out of ore washing machine to vibrating screen. Sieving can be regarded as independent operation to classify the products with different particle size and grade which will be supplied to different purposes.

Gravity separation

At present, gravity separation is used for selecting manganese ores with simple structure and thick disseminated grain size, especially oxidation manganese ore stone with large density. Commonly used processes are heavy medium ore dressing, jig dressing and shaking table dressing.

At present, our country processing oxidation manganese ore process flow general is that: the ores are crushed until the grain size reaches 6~0mm or10~0mm, then grouped. The ores with large grain size go through jigging and the ores with small grain size are sent to shaking table for shaking table dressing. The equipments are sawtooth wave type jiggerand 6-S shaking table.

Strong magnetic separation

Manganese minerals belongs to weak magnetic mineral (specific susceptibility X=10×10-6~600×10-6cm3/g), in the high intensity magnetic separator with magnetic field intensity Ho=800~1600kA/m(10000~20000oe), the manganese minerals can be recovered so that the Mn grade can be improved by 4%-10%.

Magnetic separation features with simple operation, easy to be controlled, and strong flexibility so it can be used for all kinds of manganese ores dressing. In recent years, magnetic magnetic separation is the main method among manganese ore dressing. All kinds of new thick, medium and fine grain magnetic separators are successfully developed.

Heavy-intensity magnetic separation

At present, the new built or re-built heavy-intensity magnetic separation plants are Fujian liancheng, jingxi guangxi learock , and ray and manganese ore. For example, Fujian liancheng heavy-intensity magnetic separation plant, mainly process the leaching type oxidation manganese ore stone. JT2-2 jigger is used to process the washed ores whose size are between 30mm and 3mm so that the manganese ore concentrate with good quality and high manganese content(>40%). Through hand picking to remove impurities, the ores can be used as battery manganese powder materials. Jig tailings and the washed ores that the size is under 3mm will be ground until the size is under 1m. Then they will be selected by strong magnetic separator. The grade of manganic concentrates should be improved 24%--25% so that the grade can reach 36%--40%.

Strong magnetic-flotation process

At present, the strong magnetic-flotation process is used only by Zunyi manganese ores. This ore mine is mainly producing low manganese, low phosphorus, high manganese ore iron, which give priority to carbonic acid manganese ores. Accorrock to industrial test, Grinding flow adopts rod grinding--ball milling stage ore Grinding. Equipment scales are φ2100mm×3000mm wet type ore Grinding machine. Strong magnetic separation is using shp-2000 strong magnetic separator. Flotation device is mainly using CHF inflatable flotation device.

After years of production test, the equipments features with good performance and is suitable for manganese ore dressing in Zunyi manganese ore dressing. The test of strong magnetic-flotation process succeed and this process is utilized in production, which signs manganese ore deep dressing in our country has greater development.

The manganese ores processing equipment

The manganese ore processing beneficiation equipments made by manganese ore beneficiation technological experts are: jaw crusher, hammer crusher, dry wet ball mill, high efficiency and energy saving cone ball mill, MQG type tube mill, ceramic ball mill, magnetic separator, mine flotation machine, spiral classifier, trommel screen, high frequency screen, pendulous or chute feeder, H series rotary dryer and mine mixing barrel, etc.

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