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When choosing flotation process, firstly should decide principle process of flotation and its inner structure

Categorie: Mining Development, Date: Apr 08, 2012

When choosing flotation process, firstly should decide principle process of flotation and its inner structure 

The aim of choosing principle process of flotation is to make sure the stages of flotation process and flotation sequence of helpful minerals. In practice, stage of flotation is decided by stages of ore grinding and its relation with flotation process.

Generally, one-stage flotation process and multi-stage flotation process are divided. One-stage flotation: Grind ores into required size once, and then select final concentrate through flotation. Thereinto, grinding process can be one stage or several continuously stages.Oregrinding process and flotation process are in sequence of ‘rough to fine’.

Through grinding process, useful minerals of different embedded sizes are dissociated, and then be selected through flotation process. There are three situations of these two processes:

(1) grinding and separation again of tailing;

(2) grinding and separation again of rough concentrate;

(3) grinding and separation again of middlings.

Flotation Separation Technological Process

Flotation separation is generally defined as generic term of ore pulp flowing through every operation in flotation separation process of ores. Various processes are applied to the treatment of ores of different types. Therefore, process can reflect the technological features of the treated ores. So, the process is called as flotation technological process.

The choice of flotation technological process is mainly decided by ores’ properties and requirements for concentrate’s quality. Ores’ major properties are: raw ore’s grade and matter component; useful minerals’ embedded features in ores and the symbiotic relationship; argillization in ore’s grinding process; ores’ physical-chemical characteristic, etc.

In addition, scale of the plant, and technological and economical conditions are also the basis when deciore the flotation process. Various scales and technological and economical conditions frequently are the key to the complexity of flotation separation process. Plants of quite small scale and worse technological and economical conditions aren’t suitable to adopt rather complicated process; plants on the contrary, can use quite complex flotation separation process in order to furthest gain better benefits in technology and economy.

It should be noted that, sometimes, many useful minerals are in close symbiosis relationship. As for this complicated ores, single flotation separation process can’t furthest recover various useful compositions. Always other ore dressing drafts and metallurgy need combing with flotation separation.


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